Pacific Steel Casting Issues

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Synthetic Minor Operating Permit (SMOP)
Environmental Law and Justice Clinic at GGU School of Law Comments to Proposed PSC Operating Permit (SMOP)

BAAQMD permitting practices: SMOP
CEQA & West Berkeley Air Quality: Permit to Pollute
Revisions to Pacific Steel Casting SMOP 8/15, 2016 Public Comment
• Notice to review SMOP July 7, 2016
Revisions of Pacific Steel Casting - SMOP
Golden Gate University - School of Law - Environmental Law and Justice Clinic 8/15/2016

Air monitoring

Editorial Comment


  • Pacific Steel Casting Protest March
    Feb, 21, 2009

Foundry Odor Nuisance Issues

Pacific Steel Casting view looking east


Use Permit - City of Berkeley Zoning


Lawsuit History

Health Issues


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