Berkeley People's Park 40th

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"People's Park 's 40th Anniversary is not only an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the past, but also a chance to honor the continuing tradition of dissent, activism, and creative direct action."

"Join this tradition, the Organizing Committee for the 40th Anniversary of People's Park is sponsoring this community forum featuring panelists who have worked decades for the principles of social justice and free speech in distinctive, instructive arenas.

"These panelists represent the spirit of People 's Park, which is best illustrated by those who continue to labor tirelessly, often anonymously, for the enduring principles of free expression, its protection from political repression, and the necessity of community access to the means of political and creative expression. We owe them our deepest gratitude." Carol Denney, Organizing Committee for the 40th Anniversary of People's Park.

Gene Bernardi - Member of Berkeleyans Organizing for Library Defense
(SuperBold), writer and community activist working on, among other issues, sunshine laws protecting community access.

Ramsey Canaan - Member of the band Folk This!, Founder of AK Press, founder of PM Press; publisher; radio host, musician, and community activist.

Darryl Cherney - Earth First! organizer; writer; musician, and community activist.

Stephen Dunifer - Founder of Free Radio Berkeley, micropower activist, writer; radio host, and community activist.

Mark Goldowitz - Director of the California Anti-SLAPP Project (CASP), and director of the Federal Anti-SLAPP Project (FASP), civil liberties attorney and activist.

Doug Minkler - Artist, poster maker; lithographer; and community activist.

Osha Neumann - Civil liberties attorney, writer, sculptor, painter, muralist, and community activist.

Becky O'Malley - Editor; Berkeley Daily Planet, writer, and community activist.

L A Wood - Independent film maker; writer, artist, and community activist.

Thank you to all the people who made this forum possible, including the staff of the Berkeley Public Library, the Organizing Committee for the 40th Anniversary of People's Park, and the panelists, who represent so well the ideals and the hard work that make our community remarkable.

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