Berkeley Video Activism


Campus Bay Toxics

Honor Earth: the Big Game West Berkeley Air Quality San Francisco Peace March 2003
Campus Bay
Richmond Toxics
The Big Game
Oakgrove Tree-sit
West Berkeley Story
Permit to Pollute
San Francisco
Peace March 2003
Radioactive Berkeley: No Safe Dose radioactive Berkeley: Pathway to Exposure Don't let Shell Oil Kill Again On Berkeley Soil
Radiocative Berkeley
No Safe Dose
Radiocative Berkeley
Pathway to Exposure
Don't Let Shell (Oil)
Kill Again
On Berkeley Soil
Toxics Remediation
Sheltering Berkeley's Animals Campus Chemical Waste Save Berkeley's Warmwater pool Berkeley Public Works

Sheltering Berkeley Animals
1996 Bond Issu

UC Campus
Haz. & Rad Waste
Campaign to Save Berkeley's
Warm Water Pool
Berkeley Public Works:
Moving into the 21st Century
Pacific Steel Casting Berkeley Lawrence Berkeley Molecular Nano Foundry British Petroleum Helios
SUDS Traffic Plan
West Berkeley Neighborhood

Pacific Steel Casting
Health Risk

Molecular "Nano" Foundry
Lawrence Berkeley Lab

British Petroleum - BP
Helios Energy Research LAB
Stop riving campaign Portal to the Bay BRT Ballot Initiative code pink Berkeley
Stop Driving Campaign
Zach RunningWolf
Berkeley's Storm Drain
Portal to the Bay

Rapid Transit Bus-Only Lanes
Ballot Initiative KK - 2008

Berkeley Campaign to LIMIT Military Recruiting
Otto Smith   general wastemoreland Save the UC Community Garden
Dr. Otto J. M. Smith
Tritium Protest General Waste-more-land
Berkeley's five-star General
Save UC Albany
Community Garden

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