Kriss Worthington: In Conversation


Kriss Worthington 1996September 19, 1996-2018
Berkeley, CA

In 1996, Kriss Worthington, as a first-time candidate for the Berkeley City Council, was a guest on the Berkeley community cable TV program, “Prime Exposure”. That was twenty-two years ago today, on September 19th when Kriss sat down to share his thoughts on the upcoming elections and his candidacy. He also addressed the town-and-gown issues surrounding UC Berkeley and emphasized the importance of building coalitions within our community. This will be remembered as his greatest political achievement.

Few citizens who have been elected to Berkeley government have worked as hard or have made as great a contribution to bring our community together. District 7 Representative Worthington is scheduled to vacate his council seat at the end of the 2018 term. Here is an excerpt from that Berkeley broadcast recorded so long ago with program host and associate TV producer, L A Wood.


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