Berkeley World Music Weekend
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Vukani Mawethu at the World Music Weekend on Telegraph Ave. The group performs in front of the old "Cody's Book Store". 2006

Berkeley World Music Highlights
This video of highlights is from the first years of the Berkeley festival, 2003-06. All the recording were made in the cafes, eateries and stores or on the sidewalks and streets of Telegraph Avenue....... and in the Park.

The Spirit of ‘29 playing dixieland and klezmer tunes out of the back of an old flatbed truck... corner of Channing Way and Telegraph Avenue. Berkeley World Music Weekend 2006
State of Gujarat - The State of Gujarat’s Indian folk music with vocals. Recorded in the "Naan N Curry" on Telegraph Avenue during the Berkeley World Music Weekend 2006.
Remencier, Radtrad Celtic Music, with Laurie Chastain, Ed Sherry and Tris King performing in the front window of Cafe "Med" Mediterranean on Telegraph Avenue (2006). The event was part of the Berkeley World Music Weekend.
West African Highlife Band on the wooden stage in "People's Park". (2006) This performance was part of the Annual Berkeley World Music Weekend. 
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