Classical Song and Music 3


Terry Jackson & Carolyn Erbele - Berkeley 1998
Fantasy Pieces Op. 73 by Robert Schumann
1. Zart und mit Ausdruck
2. Lebhaft,  leicht
3. Rasch und mit Feuer
Terry Jackson, Clarinet; Carolyn Erbele, Piano. Recorded September 27, 1998 in Berkeley.
  Oakland Youth Orchestra 1998
Oakland Youth Orchestra  with soloist Isabella Eksteen in performance at the Berkeley Community Theatre, Dialogue with Cuba Concert 1998.

Cypress String Quartet – Berkeley
String Quartet No. 15 in A minor, Op 132 by Ludwig van Beethoven 1. Assai sostenuto - Allegro.
Recorded December 14, 1997 in Berkeley. Cecily Ward and Tom Stone, Violins; Paul Wakabayashi, Viola; Jennifer Kloetzel, Cello.
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