Classical Song and Music 1


Pignus Futurae by Mozart

Larry Marietta conducting a combined chorus of 150-plus singers from the San Francisco City Chorus, First Congregational Church of Berkeley Chancel Choir, First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley Chancel Choir and the East Bay Chorus. Ann Carol Dudley, soprano; Therese Cardinale, mezzo-soprano; Mark Mueller, tenor; Paul Thompson, bass. Recorded in Berkeley 2006

Produced by L A Wood

Ishm ael Reed reading for the Berkeley cable TV series, "Touch of a Poet" in 1996 Produced by L A Wood

Judas Maccabaeus by George Frederic Handel: End of Act 3.

San Francisco City Chorus with the California Chamber
Symphony and Larry Marietta, conductor. Featuring...Linh Kauffman, Soprano, Theresa Cardinale, Mezzo-soprano;, Mark Tuning, Countertenor; Gary Ruschman, Tenor; Leland Morine, Baritone. Recorded in Berkeley 2003 Produced by L A Wood

Egars' Sea Pictures, op 37, No. 5. "The Swimmer" as performed by mezzo-soprano Theresa Cardinale with the Redwood Symphony Orchestra, Kristin Link, conductor. 2007 Produced by L A Wood
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