Berkeley World Music
Weekend 2005


Second Annual Berkeley World Music Weekend

Rafael ManriquezPRESS: World Music Weekend on Telegraph By KEN BULLOCK
Special to the Berkeley Daily Planet Friday, June 3, 2005

From tango to reggae, Big Bones’ blues to Celtic rock. With the sound of SteelDrums, electronics, Indian flute, hip hop and musical saw the second annual Berkeley World Music Weekend will make a joyous noise on and around Telegraph Avenue during this weekend, all for free (except a Saturday night showat Larry Blake’s for $8), with a little bit more than something for everybody—from everywhere.

With 27 performances featuring more than 70 musicians at over a dozen venues (including People’s Park), World Music Weekend goes into its second year with a great deal of ambition and local talent. “The Taarka Quartet is the only non-Bay Area group we’ve booked,” says event organizer Gianna Ranuzzi, who described the band’s music as Gypsy hypno-jazz. “They’re playing both days and have been great to work with.

Zulu Spear's Khumbala Dance CompanyThe musicians advise us on the shows, tell me what worked for them and what didn’t last year, turn me on to the best people to bring in, then throw their own parties by bringing in friends and special guests to jam at their performances.”Ranuzzi said one of the best aspects of the music weekend is that people can enjoy the avenue and see how beautiful People’s Park can be.

The shows begin at noon Saturday with Zulu Spear’s Khumbala Dance Company. A double concert with Reggae City Band and Groove.Org will play in People’s Park from 3-5 p.m. Other performances in and around cafes and businesses include La Peña favorite Rafael Manriquez, as well as saw player Morgan Cowin and others at Julie’s Healthy Cafe. Salaat will play Arabic and Turkish Sufi music at Rasputin Music. Spirit of Ireland, featuring Melanie O’Reilly at Raleigh’s. Glenn Morgan will play at Cody’s on his hammer dulcimer.

Other shows around the avenue include The Shots (an Irish/Bluegrass/Cajun band), Peter MacDonough and Quiet Dignity (paying Brazilian-Afro-Cuban music), Alan Smithline (on acoustic Steel Guitar), Bokei Steel Drums, and Islands Of Fire Drum Ensemble.

Also on Saturday, Laurie Chastain on fiddle and Ed Sherry on guitar, mandolin, and bouzouki will play at Baguette at 5 p.m. with a reading of Julia Vinograd’s poem, “Limbo Town,” about Berkeley. Sunday’s music begins at noon, with harmonica ace Big Bones on the plaza in front of Cody’s, while Cortez Harmon will play Latin jazz trumpet with his ensemble at the Durant Food Court. Annette Bauer will play the North Indian sarod at The Musical Offering at 1 p.m., while Fredi Bloom sings traditional Jewish Song at C’Est Cafe. Blues and Americana

This Old Band plays on the street, and Sandeep Bhatt sings devotional and Bollywood with Robin Sukhadia. Others include Jeff Whittier on Indian flute, and The Toids (New Balkan).

Sunday also will bring Venezuelan rhythms with flute Snake Trio at the Beau Sky Hotel at 2 p.m. and DJ Cheb i Sabbah, who plays an African, Arabic, Indian mix, with a dancer at 4 p.m. at Amoeba. The festival closes with Tango No. 9 at The Village at 6 p.m.

“Many of these musicians are trained in a classical tradition, carrying it further through improvisation,” Ranuzzi said. “They’re rooted in that, but are also entertainers and this is an intimate event where the performers are available; you can talk to them.

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Stephen Kent





Stephen Kent ~ Didjeridu
2nd annual Berkeley World Music Weekend
June 2005.


Taarka Quartet





The Taarka Quartet
Berkeley World Music Weekend June 2005 The Taarka Quartet performs at the 2nd annual Berkeley World Music Weekend


Khumbala Dance





Zulu Spear's Khumbala Dance Company performs at the 2nd annual Berkeley World Music Weekend, June 2005

Annette Bauer at Musical Offering

Peter MasDonough & Quiet Dignity

Kriss Worthington ribbon cutting at Caribbean Cove

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Performers included in the cable television broadcast in Berkeley...

Khumbula Dance Theatre

The Shots
Reggae City Band
Rafael Manriquez

Glenn Morgan
Islands of Fire Drum Ensemble
Sinclair, Los Hooligans
Big Bones
Cortez Harmon Ensemble
The Toids
Spirit of Ireland & MelanieO'Reilly

Tango No. 9
The Snake Trio
This Old Band
Morgan Cowin & Alan Smithline
Laurie Chastain & Ed Sherry
Peter MacDonough & Quiet Dignity
The Taarka Quartet

Jeff Whittier
Annette Bauer
Fredi Bloom
Sandeep Bhatt & Robin Sukhadia 

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