Ecology of Berkeley's Strawberry Canyon
Joe R. McBride, UC Berkeley Professor of Forestry: An academic walk and lecture on the natural history and ecology of Berkeley's Strawberry Canyon. Recorded February 28, 2007

What's at stake in the Ecology of Berkeley's Strawberry Canyon?

A Pictorial Essay : Walk, Talk, Buck the Fence,
Dr. Ignacio Chapela, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
College of Natural Resources, University of California Berkeley

This pictorial essay reveals the wildscape implications of what may be lost with the possible demise of Memorial Grove: what the Oaks sustain. Produced by L A Wood, Berkeley Citizen

Country Joe McDonald's "Hokey Oakey" December 16, 2006. Berkeley: This cold December day of community celebration at the threatened UC Berkeley stadium Oak Grove brought many to the site where tree sitters still maintain their vigil. Produced by L A Wood, Berkeley Citizen

Family and friends of the Oak Grove gathered for a day of dance, song, face painting and tee shirt making. Among those who came to support the two-week long urban tree sit was Berkeley's own Country Joe McDonald. Country Joe struck up his version of the "Hoakie Oakie" while residents and UCB students danced the day away.

aturday, Jan. 6 at 2 pm. Supporters came out in force today to celebrate the first month anniversary of the Berkeley's ongoing urban tree sit and to participate in a spiral dance ritual under the shade of the stadium Oak Grove. Produced by L A Wood, Berkeley Citizen
The celebratory ritual, including testimony and song, was well received by the numerous tree sitters stationed high above. The group chanted "Will we look to the forest...listen to the silence...heal our connection...will we?" The occupation of the grove is now in its 36th day and continues to draw a constant stream of community visitors including city council and neighbors.
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