Unclothed in the Oak Grove

  Unclothed in the Oak Grove Free Trees - Free Speech
Berkeley - March 17, 2007

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Under the threat of arrest by campus police, California-based photographer Jack Gescheidt called the community to the University of California Berkeley Memorial Stadium Oak Grove for a unique photo shoot. Shortly after 10 AM, Gescheidt climbed one of the endangered oaks and spoke to the crowd of news press, participants and onlookers about the importance of the grove. He said that the ultimate purpose of the photo event was to help save the Oak Grove, and most importantly, that we all can help by speaking up.

Nearly 100 persons joined in and disrobed before lying down in among the trees. The police stood by and watched the photographer work. No one was cited. It was the 106th day of Berkeley’s tree-sit. http://treespiritproject.com/

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