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"Out of Place: A Memoir," is an autobiographical account of the early years of Edward W, Said. This is an excerpt of a November 1999 book reading by Said before a large crowd in Berkeley. He was a professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University, New York. Said was also known as an outspoken advocate for the Palestinian cause and his opposition to the Israeli occupation. Edward Said 1935 - 2003
"The U.S. Empire and the War against Yugoslavia". Excerpt from a talk by Michael Parenti at St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Berkeley CA. Brief introduction by Father Bill O'Donnell (1999)

April 11, 2015 Ishmael Reed gives the Q&A to end all Q&A's following the screening of "THERE with Ishmael Reed", a 30 minutes film by the late Allen Willis, circa 1983, at EBMC's Performance Space today.

The 77-year old author, playwright and publisher brandished his distinctive insights into the plight of contemporary African American artists. Reed 's rapid fire, multidimensional wordsmithing had the audience spellbound. His soon to be published book on “The Complete Muhammad Ali” will be released in July 2015.East Bay Media Center Downtown Berkeley Arts District

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