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University Art Museum neon TV screen Number 4 TV color bars Outside UC Art Museum
Touch of a Poet Cable TV (1996 - 1998) was a video broadcast series of poetry readings at the University Art Museum in Berkeley. Each edited half hour television program included a featured reader and several open mike readers. Fifty-three of the 60 programs recorded in the museum's basement were broadcast over Berkeley's Public Access Television Channel BTV 25 (now Channel 28)
Richard Dixi Cohn

Program 1
July 18, 1996
Richard “Dixi” Cohn
Tracy O’kates
Marianne Roberson, Richard Atwater
Garrett Murphy, Mike Miller
Richard Dix Cohn
Mia Stageberg

Program 2
July 25, 1996
Mia Stageberg
Mark States
Ken Rich, Joan Gatten
Robert Gibral-Tarik
sandwich board sign Touch of  Poet
Lee Gerstmann

Program 3 
August 15, 1996
Lee Gerstmann
Randy Fingland
Jessie Beagle, Tom Lynch, Mikael Tree Planter
audience at Touch of Poet
Diane Wang

Program 4
August 1, 1996
Diane Wang
Deborah Ruth Edwin Massey Jr., Walter Liggett, Carol Elliot, Lina Encalada


Diane Wang
Ann Kyle Brown

Program 5
August 22, 1996
Ann Kyle Brown
Seth Basen
Thomas Murray
Claudia Misner
  Ann Kyle Brown
H. D. Moe

Program 6
August 9, 1996
H. D. Moe
Richard Moore
Margaret Motheral, Padma Rubiales, Judy Wells, Randy Fingland
H. D. Moe
Lee Williams

Program 7
Sept. 5, 1996
Lee Williams
Barbara Michelman
Lee Williams
Tennessee Reed

Program 8
Sept. 26, 1996
Tennessee Reed &
Ishmael Reed

Adrian Alvarez, Allen Fleming, Uchechi Kalu

Ishmael Reed
Vernon Small

Program 9
Oct 3, 1996
Vernon Small
Gerelee Golten
Edward Nason
Lydia Danille
Vernon Small
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