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University Art Museum neon
TV screen Number 4 TV color bars Outside UC Art Museum

Program 44
Nov. 17, 1997
Gloria Rodriguez
Lee Williams

Allen Lerner

Program 45
Jan. 12, 1998

Jennifer Stone
Marga Riddle


Program 46
Clive Matson

Program 47
Jan. 20, 1998
Ivan Arquelles

Jack Foley
Michelle Tahan

Program 48
Jan 20, 1998
Clive Matson
Gail Ford

Christina Woodside
K. L . Hill

Program 49
Feb 2, 1998
K. L. Hill

Jimmie James, Deborah Ritchey, Felicia Taylor, Hodee Edwards, Garrett Murphy
  K. L.  Hill
Dale Jensen

Program 50
Feb. 17 1998
Judy Wells
Dale Jensen

Seth Basen
Judy Wells
Randy Fingland

Program 51
March 9, 1998

Randy Fingland 
Maggie Morely, Ruben Halpern,
Helen Sabol

  Randy Fingland

Berkeley High school poetsProgram 52
April 20, 1998

Berkeley High School creative writing class of Madeline Theodore including Shoshana Den Macker, Ricardo Saballos, Rachel Wiley, Adam Kranzel, Jessica Taylor, Ariel Schrag, Kirsten Deirup, Elaine Kwong, Adam Beck, Jasper Liao, Mia Laughlin, Marcail Moody-Burks, Rebecca Lerner, Rachel Howe, Creagh Miller, Alex Gribb, Moya Robinson

Program 53
Tim Nuveen Special

These readings come from a collection of appearances by Mr. Nuveen during the 1996 -1998 seasons.  This '"special" program was edited for the cable TV but never broadcast

  touch of a poet

Program 54... coming soon

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