Zachary Runningwolf


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RunningWolf... an Indigenous leader and elder since 1996, RunningWolf has worked with many adverse groups throughout the Berkeley community and beyond. They include the Intertribal Friendship House, American Indian Charter School in Oakland and UCB's Ethnic Studies. He was appointed commissioner and served on the City of Berkeley's Peace & Justice Commission. Member of the National Parks Conservation Association.

Mayor Zachary RunningWolf

Zachary RunningWolf "...a vocal biodiesel advocate who fourteen ying yang plant a garden  stop drivingmonths ago embarked on a 2,400-mile bike trip to spread the message of energy independence to Indian reservations across the Southwest. One Web site promoting the ride says, "RunningWolf believes that the Creator is sending a message to Native people to ultimately stop driving cars and to start walking, running, and riding bicycles."

Will Harper, East Bay Express, 6/14/2006

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