Bevatron Landmark Process
Down & Dirty


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Appeal: 1 Cyclotron Road: Bevatron January 30, 2007.

The following is a public accounting of the misrepresentations and illegal actions taken by the City of Berkeley to accommodate the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and their intent to destroy the Bevatron, a City of Berkeley landmark of the highest order. The Bevatron history of Nobel prizes now bears this legacy of deceit.

The series of political actions orchestrated by then Mayor Tom Bates includes former lab employees and city council members, Gordon Wozniak, Linda Maio, Planning Manager Mark Rhoades, the Chair of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, Burton Edwards, and of course, the National Laboratory.

To many in Berkeley this comes as no surprise. During his campaign for mayor, Mr. Bates was caught stealing newspapers that had not endorsed him. He quickly moved on to steal the public process.

Bevatron down and dirty bevatron down and dirty
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