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City Brief
By Brian Caulfield, Berkeley Voice, February 16, 1995

Berkeley resident L A Wood and friends used the City Council's public comment period to present a 12-minute video at Tuesday night's meeting. Wood presented the video to the council to push for improvements at Berkeley's corporation yard, where city vehicles are stored and maintained, as well as to push for a city policy allowing citizens to present videos to the council.

Wood got around the council's restrictions on making presentations of more than three minutes by having four of his friends address the council consecutively, and using the time to present a different segment of the video.

"I think that is an innovative use of time," said Berkeley Mayor Shirley Dean of Wood's tactic. Dean offered to schedule Wood to make a presentation to the council at a later date, but Wood declined.

corporation yard
Traffic in Transit: The neighborhood is bound by Sacramento Street, Dwight Way, San Pablo Avenue, and University Avenue. The Public Works vehicle maintenance yard is the area’s largest business and it contributes to the highest volume of vehicular traffic. Indeed, the city operations represent a unique business.
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