Berkeley's Downtown Area Plan
Advisory Committee DAPAC

Berkeley's Downtown Area Plan Advisory Committee DAPAC first public meeting at the North Berkeley Senior Center, Berkeley, California. Recorded by Berkeley Citizen November 21, 2005

Downtown Plan Panel Begins Discussion of Key Issues
" After the new committee charged with charting a new plan for downtown Berkeley held its first meeting Monday night, many of the participants said that they wondered just how they could accomplish their tasks in the comparatively little time they have. The tables accommodating Berkeley’s new 21-member Downtown Area Plan Advisory Committee (DAPAC) and its supporting city staff circled nearly halfway around the commodious general purpose room of the North Berkeley Senior Center Monday night."Excerpt from the Berkeley Daily Planet article, by Richard Brenneman Friday November 25, 2005 DAPAC MAP

Committee Attendance. Committee Members present include: Wendy Alfsen, Jesse Arreguin, Winston Burton, Victoria Eisen, M. Guadalupe Gallegos-Diaz, Miriam Hawley, Billy Keys, Juliet Lamont, Harry Pollack, Gene Poschman, Linda Schacht, Lisa Anne Stephens, Will Travis, Dorothy Walker, Susan Wengraf, Jenny Wenk, Raudel Wilson, and Rob Wrenn

City & University Staff. COB: Dan Marks, Mark Rhoades, Matt Taecker, Allan Gatzke, and Chris Kost. UCB: Jennifer Lawrence.

Public Comment. Eleven members of the public spoke. Kirsten Miller, Wendy Markel, Richard Wessel, Susan Cerney, Jill Korte, Leslie Emmington Jones, Deborah Badhia, Steve Geller, Clare Risley, John McBride, L A Wood, Janice Thomas, and Austene Hal

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