Calling a Truce to the War on Drugs
Berkeley Forum

Alexander Cockburn Marsha Rosebaum Vernon C. Griggs III Dale Gieringer
Alexander Cockburn speaking to the War on Drugs Marsha Rosenbaum speaking on Youth and drugs Vernon C. Griggs speaking on Enforcement and drugs Dale Gieringer speaking a War on Drugs Forum in Berkeley
Govt. & Drug Trade Youth and Drugs Enforcement and Drugs Marijuana laws and Drugs
Dan Macallair Chris Conrad Superior Court Judge James P. Gray
Dan Macalliar speaking to the drug wars and prisons Chris Conrad JSuperior Court judge James P. Gray Chris Catchpool
Prisons and Drug War Human Rights and Drugs American Drug Laws HIV Education and Prevention

Additional speakers from the City of Berkeley's Forum "Calling the Truce to the War on Drugs"

Dawn Mills
City of Berkeley Mental Health
Emmanuel Sferios
Maria Quevedo
Harm Reduction Coalition
Donald Duncan:
Cannabis Action Network
David Richie, Berkeley Police Review Commission Michael Sherman, Peace and Justice Commission
Ethan Nadelmann
Lindesmith Center
Virginia Resner: Familes Against
Mandatory Minimums
Host David Richie
Police Review Commission
Host Michael Sherman
Peace and Justice Commission

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Alexander Cockburn