Live Oak Concerts
Sonata - Santiago de Murcia
James Kline - 11 String Arch Guitar


Sonata - Santiago de Murcia (c.1683-???)
I. Allegro
II. Grave
III. Allegro

James Kline - 11 String Arch Guitar

This program was recorded at the Berkeley Art Center, November 22, 1998. It was also viewed on Berkeley's Public Access Cable as part of the "Live Oak Concerts” Series.
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Program notes: James Kline has won numerous international prizes and awards for his performances including the first prize in the Guitarra Ramirez Competition of Santiago de Compostela, Spain and the Tarrega Prize of Benicasim, Spain. He holds an A.R.C.M. Diploma in Guitar performance from the Royal College of Music, London. He has been praised by critics for his sensitive and stylistic performances throughout Eastern and Western Europe as well as the United States and Mexico. Although his repertoire spans all ages and styles, his first love is early music.

After many years of performing on a standard six-string guitar Kline began to search for an instrument more suitable for the performance of a large cross section of early music. After a chance meeting with arch guitar innovator Peter Blanchette, Kline set out to create his own version of this marvelous and diverse instrument. Luthier Gary Southwell of Nottingham, England has crafted Kline's arch guitar. The instrument combines ideas from Renaissance and Baroque lutes and the early 19th century guitar.

James Kline, 11 string arch guitar James Kline, 11 string arch guitar

Chamber music at the BERKELEY ART CENTER

Live Oak Concerts was an ongoing, year-round series of classical music concerts featuring many of the best and emerging musicians from the greater Bay Area, and from around the country and abroad. The concert series presents an average of thirty concerts per year. The superb acoustics of the gallery of the Berkeley Art Center has proven to be a jewel for the presentation of live classical music. Cable Television Series...

Live Oak Concerts
Many of these performances were viewed on Berkeley Cable Access Television.

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