Voices from the Freedom Movement
Bruce Hartford


Voices from the Freedom Movement - Bruce Hartford
A series of recordings from the San Francisco Bay Area 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Freedom Movement. Civil Rights Activists recount their personal experiences within the Freedom Movement.

Speakers include: Chude Pam Allen, Ellen Broms, Cathy Cade, Hardy Frye, Maria Gitin, Miriam Cohen Glickman, Linda Halpern, Bruce Hartford, Stu House, Don Jelinek, Adam Kline, Sherie Labedis, Betita Martinez, Mike Miller, Wazir Peacock, Jimmy Rogers, Scott B. Smith. Jr., Nancy Stoller, Rick Tuttle, Robert Wiel, Jean Wiley, Bright Winn and Michael Wright

Recorded and produced by L A Wood, Berkeley Citizen
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