Dale Nesbitt


Dalr Nesbitt, retired LBNLDale Nesbitt, WSLF treasurer. Dale was a long-time peace and environmental advocate active with a number of groups, is an engineer, retired from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). There, for many years he served as Mechanical Project Engineer/Manager for a number of research projects in the areas of high energy particle physics, energy, the environment and astronomy. 

On one project he was the principle Engineer and collaborated directly with Dr. Owen Chamberlain a veteran of the Manhattan project and a Nobel Prize recipient. Owen was a long time opponent of Nuclear weapons and Mr. Nesbitt learned a great deal from him. In the 1980s

Mr. Nesbitt was a local organizer in the successful nation-wide scientists' campaign against "Star Wars," begun at LBNL, where more than 50% of the professional staff, at LBNL signed pledges not to solicit or work on any "Star Wars" projects. Prior to LBNL, Mr. Nesbitt worked as Principal Engineer and Project Manager at Singer Corporation, and Project Engineer at American Optical and Ampex.

With the Kaiser Activation Group, he served as Site Mechanical Engineer on a Titan Missile Site. He also worked as an Engineer for General Electric. Mr. Nesbitt earned a B.S.M.E. from the University of Idaho, Sigma Tau Honorary. He was an alumnus of General Electric's graduate level Advanced Technical Course and Creative Engineering Program. Mr. Nesbitt holds three patents. Through his professional associations and his membership in the Union of Concerned Scientists, Mr. Nesbitt had extensive contacts in the scientific community. 

Mr. Nesbitt contributed substantially to WSLF's technical understanding of nuclear weapons programs and influence of the national laboratories. He currently serves as Treasurer for WSLF.

Source: West States Legal Foundation

Dale Nesbitt was featured in the public policy video Radioactive Berkeley: Pathway to Exposure. It was first premiered on the agenda of the Berkeley City Council in 1998. It encompassed a discussion of numerous members of the public regarding the exposure of children at the Lawrence Hall of Science, on the hillside in Berkeley, CA. Produced by L A Wood as Berkeley Citizen's 10 minute presentation to that Berkeley City Council meeting.
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