David NadelProclamation Honoring David Nadel and Declaring the Week of January 14, 1997 to January 21, 1997 as David Nadel Week

WHEREAS, David Nadel was honored by the City of Berkeley in 1993 as a Tzaddic (Righteous One) for his outstanding work and for his lifetime commitment to the causes of peace, justice and respect for human rights; and

WHEREAS, as a political activist stubbornly principled and deeply committed to his beliefs, Dave Nadel's gift to his community was sharing what he thought life ought to be while working to make life what it should be; and

WHEREAS, the support for his community that David Nadel gave in such a gracious, generous manner--the list of over 250 causes that have raised funds at Ashkenaz is a catalogue of Berkeley activit--was reciprocated with a massive show of support in the defense of Ashkenaz when it was endangered by the lawsuit brought against him by the University Of California Regents; and

WHEREAS, David Nadel was a longtime peace advocate who supported a People's Park independent of the University of California Regents and proceeded to follow governmental procedures to change the composition of the Board of Regents by having them democratically elected; and

WHEREAS, his death is especially tragic because he was a man of peace yet he fell victim to this act of senseless violence that occurs far too often in communities across the country due to the easy availability of guns; and

WHEREAS, the Ashkenaz building, historically significant and architecturally masterful with ornamental scrollwork and wooden decor designed to resemble old Ashkenazi Jewish synagogues from Eastern Europe, has been a rich source of international culture and history for the past 23 years.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that as we say goodbye to David Nadel, we are reminded that although a mindless gunman took him away from us, the years of treasured experiences we have shared together at his House of Whole World Dance Music--a place where men, women, children and youth can attend in a respectful and safe environment--will remain forever precious in our hearts. And so we say: Here's to a job well done, David. May you rest in peace. You earned it.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED in a city which takes pride in its cultural diversity and is well known world-wide for the political activities of its citizens, which were exemplified by the life and deeds of David Nadel, that I, Shirley Dean, Mayor of the City of Berkeley, together with the Berkeley City Council, do hereby declare the week of January 14 to January 21, 1997 as DAVID NADEL WEEK as a time of special remembrance of David Nadel, and do further urge the citizens of Berkeley to work for peace, social justice and human rights.

Shirley Dean, Mayor January 14, 1997

(Photo of David was taken in 1993 at the International House during a UC Berkeley Public Hearing on a proposed hazardous waste facility in Strawberry Canyon. Berkeley Citizen)
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