Dona Spring


 Dona Spring speaks out at the Berkeley Memorial Oak Grove press conference on the university campus, June 22, 2008. 

Councilmember Spring came to the endangered oak grove to show support for the urban tree-sit and for those protesters still lodged in the trees. She emphasized the need to provide them with adequate food and water. Spring said that the city needs to realize this is a "human rights crisis" and that they need to "get off their duff and act." The campus police have restricted ground supporters from supplying any food or water to the remaining tree sitters.

Dona was the first elected official to take action to protect the grove after the tree sit began in December 2006. We now know that her call for the temporary injunction against the cutting of the oaks was critical in shielding the grove from the axe of the UC Regents. This was the 568th day of the tree-sit and also marked Dona Spring's last public appearance.

Dona Spring speaking to Animal shelter staffCouncilmember Dona Spring had a passion for many things and especially for the welfare of animals. During her sixteen years on city council she made numerous pleas for funding to replace the Berkeley animal shelter. This presentation of Dona inspecting the animal shelter was first viewed at the Berkeley City Council May 1996 budget hearing. 

In 2010 our city finally began construction on a new animal shelter. It is most appropriate that our new facility be named the Dona Spring Animal Shelter. Located at the north end of Aquatic Park in West Berkeley. The services include state-of-the-art animal adoption rooms for dogs and cats, a veterinary clinic and administrative offices. This was Dona's vision. Dona Spring 1953-2008

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