Live Oak Concerts
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Horizon Wind Quintet Horizon Wind Quintet Horizon Wind Quintet with Terry Jackson, clarinet, Gary Jagard, horn, Nancy Knop, flute, Nancy Maxwell, oboe, Jim Reiter, bassoon, and Maria Reeves, pianist (March 1999) Selections from Malcolm Arnold, Gustav Holst, Percy Grainger and Gordon Jacob.
audience at live oaks concert Anna Carol Dudley Anna Carol Dudley, soprano, Yoko Tanaka, harpsichord, Jay Stebley, cello, Marvin Sanders, flute, (January 1999) Selections from Gaspard LeRoux, George Phillipp Telemann, C. P. E. Bach and Michel Blavet.
Berkeley Saxophone Quartet Berkeley Saxophone Quartet Berkeley Saxophone Quartet with Art Brockmeyer, soprano saxophone, Antonio Gallardo, alto saxophone, Michael Young, tenor saxophone and Arthur Maxwell, baritone saxophone, (April 1999) Selections from Felix Mendelssohn, J. S. Bach, Thelonius Monk and more...
Nomos Winds Nomos Winds Nomos Winds with Ginger Kroft, clarinet, Septima Sensenig, flute and Kirstin Boldt, Bassoon, (May 1997) Selections from Robert Muczynski, Kotschau, Kasper Kummer, and William Schmidt.
MArvin Sanders & Jerry Kuderna Marvin Sanders & Jerry Kuderna Marvin Sanders, flute, Jerry Kuderna, piano (July 1997) Selections from Michel Blavet, Claude Debussy, J. S. Bach and Sergei Prokofiev
Howard Kadis Howard Kadis Howard Kadis (May 1997) Selections from Domenico Scarlatti, Mauro Giuliani, Heitor Villa-Lobos, and Agustin Barrios.
Claude Sprague Charles Sprague Claude Sprague, guitarist (September 1997) Selections from Heitor Villa-Lobos, Augustin Barrios, Francisco Tarrega, Joquin Rodrigo and J. S. Bach

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