"The Big Game" UCB Memorial Stadium Oak Grove Tree-sit


The "Big Game" chronicles the celebrations, protests, ups and downs of the tree occupation next to the UC Berkeley Memorial Stadium and community efforts to preserve the oak grove. The "Big Game" was so named because it was during the early afternoon of the Cal Stanford annual big game in 2006 that the first trees were occupied. It also reminds us that there are games bigger than football. Produced by Berkeley Citizen All labor donated


From the first days of the the nation's longest urban tree-sit the UC Berkeley police were determined to criminalize the free speech action. Consequently, UC entangled over 200 participants in the legal system and sent many to the county jail. The frequent brutality experienced by the tree activists was eventually directed at the grove itself. Today only a very few trees remain in the grove. They serve as a reminder of those who dared to stand against this environm

Big Game PRESS

ental injustice.

The "Big Game" was the recipient of the Grand Festival Award for documentary community activism at the 2007 Berkeley Video and Film Festival. Honor Earth


big gamePhotos by Frank Tapia and Matthew Taylor
“The Big Game” Grand Festival Award
Documentary Community Activism
Berkeley Citizen:
A documentary on Berkeley's urban tree-sit at the University of California campus and
community efforts to save the endangered oak grove from the axe of the UC regents.

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