Zachary RunningWolf
First Days of the Oak Grove Tree-sit


Zachary Running Wolf
December 11, 2006

Running Wolf Call to the Oak Grove: Native American leader Zachary RunningWolf speaks from his perch high up in the Oak Grove at UC's Berkeley Memorial Stadium. Now in his ninth day of occupation, RunningWolf warns of the pending move by UC Police to remove him and his fellow tree dwellers by December 19th when all the UC Berkeley students will be away on break.

He went on to say, " We landmark eighty- and one- hundred-year-old buildings, but cut down TWO-HUNDRED-year-old oaks!" Running Wolf also talks of about the irrepressible Jessie Walsh who also sits in one of the thirty-eight Coastal Live Oak Trees the University of California wants to axe. Interviewer: L A Wood

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