Guantanamo Berkeley
Oak Grove Double fence compound

Berkeley, November 8, 2007
Early this morning UC Berkeley campus police cleared the tree-sit ground support from the unfenced portion at the Memorial Stadium Oak Grove. The police action enabled a private construction company to begin the expansion of the "temporary" fence erected in late August. An UCB representative at the site stated that the NEW fence was being constructed for "security" and to faciliate the future enforcement of the court ordered injunction directed at the tree sitters.

Saveoaks representative said he read a letter sent to the court yesterday stating that Campus Police Chief Harrison had made a determination that they needed to put up another fence to secure the area prior to removing the tree sitters.

"Guantanamo Berkeley"
Stadium Oak Grove
Double Fence Compound
oak grove security
oak grove fence
oak grove fence
oak grove security
oakgrove security
oak grove fence
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