Stadium Oak Grove Tree-Sit


oak gorve tree sit 1st rally

Oakgrove treesit: Honor Earth Ecology of Strawberry Canyon a bubble for Buddha

First Community Rally
November 9, 2006

Berkeley Oak Grove
The Big Game
Ecology of Berkeley's
Strawberry Canyon

A Bubble for Buddha
Wavy Gravy

native American burial remains at UC Berkeley under construction Fear of Flying spiral dance Berkeley

Native American Burial
Remains at UC Berkeley

Trees are living spirits
Winter Solstice 2006
Fear of Flying:
Save the Oaks
Memorial Oak Grove
Spiral Dance
      UC Greed Cuts Trees
Sylvia McLaughlin
Save the Oak Grove
Country Joe McDonald
"Hokey Oakey"

Unclothed in the Oak Grove

  cal tree sit score board    
2008 Longest Walk
Honors Oak Grove

Dona Spring
Berkeley Oak Grove

at the Oak Grove
Native American Burial
Remains at UC Berkeley
Berkeley Ohlone Burial Site 2008 LONGEST WALK 2
Spiritual Gathering
Army of None
In Berkeley
community watch  UC Berkeley      
  Guantanamo Berkeley Shame on you, UC Berkeley A Pictorial Essay:
Walk, Talk, Buck the Fence

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