UC Police Violence and Misconduct Against the Memorial Oak Grove Tree Sittesr
Press Conference


Press Conference Memorial Oak Grove: UC Police Violence and Misconduct Against the Tree Sitters
Berkeley, CA. Sunday June 22, 2008

For the Record.
A community press conference was held today at the Oak Grove tree-sit. Among those addressing the crowd was former Berkeley mayor, Shirley Dean, Councilmember Dona Spring, three medical doctors and two local Native American leaders. All of them expressed concern over the tree sitters' well being because of their lack of access to food and water. Earlier this week, the university abruptly cut off community efforts to re-supply the treetop protesters. (569th day )

Also speaking to the crowd was local attorney, Carol Strickman, who has helped assist some of the tree sitters in their criminal matters. She expressed a deep concern over the violence initiated by campus police and their arborists towards the tree sitters. Strickman called police actions reckless and that their "behavior there is putting tree sitter's lives at risk." She made it clear that "the major crimes are being committed by the police" against the tree sitters. She concluded by saying, "This is police misconduct of the highest order."


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