UC Berkeley Campus Police Raid
Memorial Oak Grove - Again


UC Berkeley Campus Police Raid on Tree-sitters Again - Memorial Oak Grove
Berkeley May 24, 2007

phoenix maskEarly this morning the university stepped up their assault on the tree sitters at the Memorial Oak Grove. With the help of the campus services, four uniformed offices began to remove the personal property of the tree-sit support from their vehicles parked on the street adjacent to grove. Officer Roby, who has been present at several prior raids, warned the small crowd that any inference would result in arrest.

Zackary Running Wolf, a leader of the tree-sit, called the police activity illegal and stealing. He also said today's raid appears to be part of an increase in police harassment at the memorial grove since the semester ended. Running Wolf and the other tree sitters have occupied the endangered Memorial Oak Grove for 174 days.

During the Tree-sit, UC Berkeley Campus Police has made a practice of taking personal property from off-site vehicles as well as those belonging of tree-sitters. There has been no accountability to community or the law as personal property has not been inventoried. Instead, personal belonging have simply been indiscriminately tossed into a dump truck with the trash. Berkeley's Internet NEWS

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