UC Berkeley Police being "read their rights"
Memorial Oak Grove Video-Cop


UC Berkeley Police being read their rights
December 13, 2006

UC Police being legally noticed of their rights: On December 13, 2006 the University of California Berkeley UC Police moved in and have taken up residence at the North end of the grove and residents have begun to rally at the site.

Community members at the University of California Memorial Oak Grove give UC police a letter of notice from attorney Stephan C. Volker, who represents the Save the Oaks at the Stadium (SOS), stating that " They seek only to exercise their constitutional-protected right to engage in free speech, to peacefully assemble, and to seek judicial redress for what they view as an unlawful and ill-conceived and designed project".

UC Berkeley Police Videocop Crashes Community Celebration
December 16, 2006

Saturday, from out of the blue and totally unannounced, an officer from UC's finest appeared at the Oaks celebration today. And to the surprise of everyone, he drew his camera and pointed it at the family gathering in the grove. The officer said he had orders to film and thought it was okay if he videotaped partygoers since others were so engaged. Clearly, the actions of the VideoCop were meant to intimidate since the UC Berkeley campus police have been filming the grove from the stadium for more than a month. As the community approached the officer, he hightailed it back to his car. Half an hour later, a second UCB VideoCop appeared in the grove to record the family affair. This time, he was met by shouts of "Shame on UC Police!" Inte

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