Pacific Steel Zoning Appeal
Berkeley City Council 2006

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Pacific Steel Zoning Appeal - Berkeley City Council June 20, 2006

The PSC appeal, filed by Berkeley Citizen, referred to the abatement system as "BAAQMD’s compliance experiment with PSC" and that "residents were playing the role of guinea pigs to the carbon scrubber’s incomplete science."  The appeal was also a reminder that "over the last two decades, questions regarding the potential health impacts from the west Berkeley foundry operations at Pacific Steel Castings have gone unanswered."
It came as no surprise that PSC was in front of the City Council less that a year later over the failure of the odor abatement system. The only surprise came when it was revealed that it was City Councilwoman Maio  (while riding her bike in the West Berkeley neighborhood) who had personally filed the complaint with Bay Area Air Quality Management District over the PSC stink.


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