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From its conception, Berkeley’s Harrison Park has had a history of bad government and poor choices, perhaps all made for the right reasons. However, good intentions can’t justify abridging our planning practices or ignoring the checks and balances of our zoning ordinances. Having a viable park could be a great asset for our city, but at this ill-chosen location, it is, and always will be, a serious health and financial liability. Berkeley Citizen
The West Berkeley Story: Permit to Pollute
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Harrison Playfields Mitigated Negative Declaration - December7,1999Berkeley City Council

Harrison Skatepark Debacle

WHY Two "different" Health WARNING SIGNS at Harrison?

Why the TWO SIGNS?

bad air quality signLike so many municipalities with ongoing poor air quality issues, the city of Berkeley has also played the developer card despite it being both the site’s ZONING regulator and owner. When the city’s zoning department’s first efforts were to dismiss all complaints. Instead, a majority of the City Council and city staff targeted those who would dare to suggest there could be any health problems associated with the industrial property being used for play fields and/or temporary housing for our children. 

History shows that there was cause for concern (that still exists today) and a need to air monitor. These two signs were placed on the soccer fields after the air monitoring was completed. The first sign the city put up at the WEST BERKELEY property was an intentional (dishonest) distortion of the city's FUNDED air monitoring results and actual site conditions. The city’s property (play fields) exceed the State of California’s air quality standards more that just “occasionally”. The city’s Community Environmental Advisory Commission reviewed this first signage and requested it be CHANGED to reflect a more realistic and honest statement of the field’s poor air quality…. 

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