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Melvin Calvin LabFrom US Department of Energy Radionuclide Air Emission Annual Report (Subpart H of 40 CFR 61)Calendar Year 1998

Building 3 (Calvin Laboratory): The Calvin Laboratory conducts basic research on the dynamics of living cells and on the interaction of radiant energy with organic matter. The Laboratory has made significant contributions to our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of photosynthesis and of the effects of environmental pollutants on plant and animal cells. Cell and molecular biology studies are performed in this laboratory.

Melvin CalvinAs with Building 1, this building is located in the eastern portion of the University of California at Berkeley campus. The predominant radionuclides used are H-3, P-32, S-35, and C-14 as labeled amino acids and DNA precursors. 14CO2 is also used in this laboratory as an "incubant." Building 3 is wholly occupied by Berkeley Lab personnel.

Work is done on bench tops and in hoods. Releases are from building vents and hoods. Building 3 is classified as a Category V release point and the radiological inventory is controlled by Radiological Work Authorization/Permit (RWA/RWP) and periodic evaluation. No monitoring is required. A summary of the CAP88-PC source term input parameters and EDE results for this release point is presented in Table 8. Melvin Calvin Lab is scheduled for demolition...MORE TO COME on the history of the Melvin Calvin Lab.

Melvin Calvin Laboratory & Girton Hall Child Care Services

Melvin Calvin Lab
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Melvin Calvin Lab
Melvin Calvin lab
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