DIABETES and Depleted Uranium DU
Global impacts of Radiation


[source: Japanese government vital health statistics 1899-2003] Japn govt health statistics 1899-2003, chief causes of mortality. Around 1950 the use of antibiotics caused infectious diseases (the main cause of death until then) to decline to almost nothing. Since bacteria, viruses and parasites cause cancer, the cancer rate should also have declined. BUT after 1945, cancer took over as the main cause of death and continued to rise with the introduction of each new nuclear technology (atmospheric testing, nuke plants, Depleted Uranium). Note that mortality from cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases also increased - that's the damage to the mitochondria which have the highest concentrations in the heart and brain (50% of the bulk mass). DU+Depleted Uranium .........Global Impact of Radiation 1945-2003

[source: New York Times Jan. 9, 20061 Global diabetes map from NY Times Jan 9, 2006.] Its a fallout/rainout map from atmospheric testing radiation and you can see that the jet stream is the main transport mechanism. US map indicates that the highest diabetes rates in the US are along the Gulf Coast states where the Depleted Uranium is carried across the Atlantic on Westerlies and rained out where the highest rainfall occurs along the Gulf Coast. Basically the US Govt. is shipping the most radioactive milk from dairies around nuke plants into black and poor inner city communities. Wash. DC looks the same and we have proved it with US Govt. measurements of rad in milk by city. [Jay Gould, DEADLY DECEIT: LOW LEVEL RADIATION HIGH LEVEL COVERUP, Chapter "Infant Mortality and Milk"]

This information was provided by Leuren Moret, a geoscientist who worked at the Livermore nuclear weapons lab where she became a whistleblower in 1991, has survived years of retaliation from the Livermore Lab and the University of California and has lived firsthand the experiences of Karen Silkwood.

A radiation specialist, she works around the world educating citizens, the media and lawmakers about the impact of radiation globally on the health of the public and the environment.

She assisted with Al-Jazeera's recent report on depleted uranium weapons which quickly became one of the most read articles produced by the website. "Depleted Uranium: Washington's Secret Nuclear War"

She is an independent scientist and an Environmental Commissioner for the City of Berkeley

Video information on Radiation Issues
  • "Connecting the Dots: 911 Four Years Later, From the A-Bomb to Depleted Uranium and Beyond" Leuren Moret http://www.art101.com/radiation/index.html
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  • Depleted Uranium Hawaii
    Is the US Army using DU on practice ranges and contaminating Hawaii? A report from KITV (ABC affiliate) in Honolulu.

Additional reading: International Journal of Health Services, Volume 36, Number 3, Pages 503­520, 2006 Baywood Publishing Co., Inc. Occupational Hazards of War DEPLETED URANIUM: ALL THE QUESTIONS ABOUT DU AND GULF WAR SYNDROME ARE NOT YET ANSWERED Rosalie Bertell. A summary of this paper written ICBUW Science Team member Gretel Munroe

Here is a research paper on radioactive isotopes linked to diabetes from 1963. Lyn Anspaugh worked at LBNL, LLNL, and now he's at SAIC and the Univ. of Utah. They have known about the diabetes-radiation link forever: http://www.utah.edu/radiobiology/people/Anspaugh.htm

L.R. Anspaugh, "Chemical Elements in the Serum of Man in Health and Diabetes Mellitus X-Ray Emission Spectrographic Determinations", Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, UCRL- 10873 (1963)

"VA requested article on Gulf War Syndrome from the National Academy of Sciences which concludes "Gulf War Syndrome does not exist.".. Gulf War and Health: Volume 4. Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War Committee on Gulf War and Health: A Review of the Medical Literature Relative to the Gulf War Veterans Health executive summary

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