Berkeley Video and Film Festival 2016

Berkeley Citizen is a proud sponsor of the Berkeley Video and Film Festival

Screening over 45 Independent Films including Documentaries, Animations, Features, Experimental Films, Comedies, Music Videos, Young Producer Films, Educational Films, Short Features and Film School Shorts. All Films screen at East Bay Media Center Performance Space: 1939 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA, 94704, In Berkeley's Downtown Arts District.

Ghost Town to Havana: Berkeley Video & Film Fest 2016
Q & A with producer Eugene Corr and Oakland Royals Coach Bryant and team.
For more see: East Bay Media Center, Berkeley CA
Recorded October 29, 2016

HERE COME THE VIDEO FREEX – Jon Nealon & Jenny Raskin

Mary Curtis Ratcliff, one of the Videofreex pioneer activists Q & A

HERE COME THE VIDEOFREEX starts in 1969. America is undergoing cultural and political revolutions, but you’d never know it by watching TV. Young CBS executive Don West creates a secret project to tell the stories of the counterculture ignored by TV news. He hires a group of young people who have embraced a brand new medium – video. They named themselves the Videofreex and on CBS’s dime, they traveled the country in an RV taping footage the networks could never get.

Berkeley Video & Film Festival... Grand Festival Pioneer Award


DOGTOWN REDEMPTION is not only the intimate story of recyclers in West Oakland but a journey through a landscape of love and loss, devotion and addiction, prejudice and poverty. Q & A with Amir Soltari.....Best of Festival - Jury Award - Documentary

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