Earth Day 2000


Berkeley Earth Day 2000 was held in Civic Center Park. The recording captures the sights and sounds of that day including he traditional “Eco Motion” parade, music performances by Faith Nolan, Tammy Ellis & Once. The day also included appearances by

Linda Maio
Dona Spring
Rebecca Kaplan
Ralph Nader
Julia Hill
Medea Benjamin
Karen Hester: Host
Produced by Berkeley Citizen
Copyright 2000
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First viewed on Berkeley Public Access Television as part of the cable series, "The Activist Hour: Speaking Out in Berkeley".

NOTE: In the book "Crashing the Party: Taking on the Corporate Government in an Age of Surrender" by Ralph Nader, (Page 98) the author recounds his brief visit to Berkeley in 2000 on Earth Day.

Ralph Nader in Berkeley 2000“At Berkeley, two remarkable women share the stage with me. The first to speak was Medea Benjamin, cofounder of Global Exchange, which monitors international corporate misbehavior. She was a Green Party Senate candidate whom Senator Dianne Feinstein aloofly treated as a nonperson as she floated to reelection on a ocean of cash. She had worked in some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the world and is no armchair observer. She did not disappoint her sun-drenched audience

Nor did twenty-five-year-old Julia Butterfly Hill, the next speaker. All Julia had to do to highlight the destruction of the giant ancient redwoods by lumber companies was to live, under harrowing conditions, two years and eight days high up in 1000-year-old redwood she called “Luna” in Humboldt County, California. This is what it takes these days for the media to turn one into a civic celebrity. Her message was a mixture of poetic, aesthetic, natural, and environmental testimony for sustaining and restoring the life of earth.”

 candidates at Berkeley Earth Day 2000 Julia Butterfly Hill at Berkeley Earth Day celebration 2000
Dona Spring at Earth Day 2000 Linda Maio at Earth Day Berkeley 2000

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