Berkeley World Music 2004 & 2006

Michael Masley - Berkeley World Music 2006 This unique Berkeley event is held outdoors and inside the many cafés throughout the Telegraph Avenue area. Each year the Berkeley World Music Weekend celebrates two days of continuous music and dance performances and brings together an impressive array of world music traditions and many internationally acclaimed artists
 Michael Masley - Berkeley World Music 2004

Berkeley World Music 2004
michael Masley, Berkeley World Music Michael Masley, Berkeley World Music
Michael Masley, Berkeley World Music 2006 Michael Masley, Berkeley World Music 2006
Berkeley World Music 2006

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Michael Masley (born September 22, 1952 in Trenton, Michigan, United States) is known for his musical work on the Hungarian cymbalom. His unique method of playing the instrument comes from his invention of the bowhammer, a cross between a fiddle bow and a dulcimer hammer, attached to the finger with a ring.

 Since 1983, Masley has made his living as a street musician, busking and selling cassette and CD recordings on the streets of Berkeley, San Francisco, and other San Francisco Bay Area locations. Masley describes his music as "earth-folk", "a contemporary Afro-Celtic variation of Free World and Country Eastern music.".

Others have categorized his music as new-age or world music. One musician has described Masley's bowhammer style of cymbalom playing as generating "a turkish steambath of overtones"

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