Julia Vinograd Day in Berkeley


Julia Vinograd Day in Berkeley

City Proclamation...That the Berkeley City Council honors Julia Vinograd with a proclamation at the 5th Annual Berkeley Poetry Festival.

This year the Berkeley Poetry Festival and the city would like to honor Julia Vinograd, an inspiring artist that has graced our community with years of heart felt, soul stirring work. Her poetry represents the pulse of our social conscience and the spirit of Berkeley.

Every year the Berkeley Poetry Festival brings over a hundred poets from the contemporary scene together in celebration of the art of the written and spoken word. The festival supports and publicizes the networks of Open Mikes in Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. Also this event promotes literacy activity as well as establishing the City of Berkeley as the rightful and historic place as a center of poetry in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

An excerpt from the City of Berkeley Proclamation Honoring Julia Vinograd With Lifetime Achievement Award:
"She gives us a voice when ours vanishes. She gives voice to the homeless, the street performers, the merchant, the coffee drinker, friends and foes alike, and her words, like a sharp knife, cut deep into the truth. She describes us as full of life, and love, and heartache. She makes us honest. We, the eccentric, the lonely, the broken are given a voice."

The Fifth Annual Berkeley Poetry Festival and Community Fair was held at Provo (Civic Center) Park on June 5, 2004

This Video includes... Open Mike hosted by Tsahai Unger and Philip T. Nails

Neo Young
Mark Schuamz
Sheryl Mebare
Howard D.
Selene Steese
Lara Dale
Robert Beck
Mark G.


Deirdre Evans
Chris Trian
Patrick Covington
Al Averbach
Matt Wolf
Betsy Lee
Garrett Murphy
Lou Holms
Dale Jensen

Judy Wells
Gary T.
Walter Liggett
Manual Garcia, Jr
H. D. Moe
Michael Thomas
Anna Mae Stanley
Michele Tranhan
Jeremy Siegel
Lee Gerstman

Selene Steese
L. Abdul Kenyatta
Matt Wolfe
Lara Dale
Nathan Henderson-James
Lee Gerstman
Rick Katagawa
  • Berkeley Poetry Festival Slam hosted by Charles Ellick of Berzerkeley Slam
  • Youth Speaks from Berkeley High School with Jose Vadi, Sarah Dayley, Bobby Gordon and Amaka Okechukwu
  • Presentation of Certificates of Appreciationto current hosts of Open Mikes and Slams in Berkeley and Oakland
  • Festival Band Wild Oats

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