Live Oak Concerts
Quartet in F, K. 168 - Wolfgang A. Mozart
The Jupiter Quartet


Quartet in F, K. 168 - Wolfgang A. Mozart (1756-1791)


The Jupiter Quartet
Steve Levintow, viola
Paul Hale, cello
Michael Jones, violin
Andrew Davies, violin

Recorded as part of the Live Oak Concerts series at the Berkeley Art Center August 30, 1998. The Jupiter Trio was in residence at the Berkeley Art Center during the 1998-99 season.
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Program notes: Mozart wrote his Quartet" K 168, along with five other quartets, in his seventeenth year, 1773, Though less fully developed than Mozart's mature work, the piece already reveals an essential aspect of his sensibility in its interweaving of melancholy and extroversion. The first three bars of the first movement sing blithely in F major, cadencing after an upward octave jump; the next two bars answer, after a silent beat, with a moody chromatic figure, which in turn gives way to a dashing scale and another jaunty F major cadence, So the movement goes in its brief course. The Andante foreshadows later sacred music in its combination of intense chromatic harmonies with relatively simple, flowing rhythms. A stately and straightforward minuet follows, The work finishes with a brilliant fugue; for the last entry of the fugue subject, all four instruments play in unison.

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Chamber music at the BERKELEY ART CENTER

Live Oak Concerts was an ongoing, year-round series of classical music concerts featuring many of the best and emerging musicians from the greater Bay Area, and from around the country and abroad. The concert series presents an average of thirty concerts per year. The superb acoustics of the gallery of the Berkeley Art Center has proven to be a jewel for the presentation of live classical music. Cable Television Series...

Live Oak Concerts
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