Live Oak Concerts
The Carnival, piano trio
June Bonacich


The Carnival, piano trio - June Bonacich
I. Playfully
II. Dreamlike
III. Boldly

The Sequoia Trio
Elizabeth Vandervennet, cello
Tong Cheng, piano
Dana Saffer, violin

Performed as part of the Live Oak Concert series at the Berkeley Art Center in Berkeley CA on October 23, 1998.
Produced by Berkeley Citizen
All labor donated

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Program notes: The Carnival - In 1997, The Carnival won the Kris Getz Composition Award while Ms. Bonacich was completing her graduate studies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The award is dedicated to composers who write music for young people. The Carnival presents the refreshing sense of discovery in a child's world. The first movement is full of playful rhythmic energy. The second movement, Dreamlike, depicts a child falling asleep in the arms of a parent, awakened periodically by shimmering interjections. The final movement is inspired by jugglers, fire eaters, and gypsies.

Sequoia Trio Sequoia Trio Sequoia Trio

Chamber music at the BERKELEY ART CENTER

Live Oak Concerts was an ongoing, year-round series of classical music concerts featuring many of the best and emerging musicians from the greater Bay Area, and from around the country and abroad. The concert series presents an average of thirty concerts per year. The superb acoustics of the gallery of the Berkeley Art Center has proven to be a jewel for the presentation of live classical music. Cable Television Series...

Live Oak Concerts
Many of these performances were viewed on Berkeley Cable Access Television.

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