Code Pink: Marine Corps Recruiting
Protest Berkeley 2008


Video and Photographs: BerkeleyCitizen
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Marine Corps Recuiters BerkeleyMarine Corps Recruiting Protest
Berkeley February 12, 2008

This night council met to reconsider the Marine Corps Recruiting motions. On this day, at its peak, 2,000 protesters gathered outside city hall, with one group protesting against the city council motion that included Move America Forward, and the other, consisting mainly of Code Pink, protesting in support of the motions. The two sides faced each other with police separating them on Martin Luther King Jr. Way; both sides exchanged songs, chants, flag waves, yells, and obscenities. There were four arrests. The City of Berkeley spent $93,000 in police overtime on February 12 as part of a large police presence to keep the peace.
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