Berkeley RFID Protest Rally
Radio Frequency Identification Devices


Berkeley RFID Protest Rally Steps of Old City Hall - June 21, 2005 Host: Gene Bernardi, Speakers: Jeffrey Mittman, ACLU Peter Warfield, Library User Association, Marca Lamore, SEIU 535, Lee Tien, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Phoebe Anne Sorgen, Leuren Moret, Music: Funky Nixons, Maxine Ventura.
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Protect our library. Stop RFID Jeffrey Mittman, ACLU Funky Nixons
Lee Tien, Electronic Frontier Foundation Doug Loranger, San Francisco Peter Warfield, Library User Association
Maxine Ventura Phoebe Anne Sorgen Marca Lamore, SEIU 535
Leuren Moret don't spy on me - rfid

Berkeley Board of Library Trustees Community Meetings - Berkeley Citizen

  • Berkeley Library Board Special Meeting, West Berkeley Library (4/17/ 2005) Archived
  • Staff Layoffs, Empty Shelves & RFID: Berkeley's Library Community Speaks Out Berkeley Library Board of Trustees Meeting. Public Comments - South Berkeley Senior Center. April 27, 2005
  • RFID Protest Rally - Gene Bernardi, Jeffrey Mittman, ACLU, Peter Warfield, Library User Association, Marca Lamore, SEIU 535, Lee Tien, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Phoebe Anne Sorgen, Leuren Moret, Funky Nixons, Maxine Ventura. (6/21/2005)
  • Community Informational Forum On Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
    South Berkeley Senior Center - Sponsored by Berkeley Public Library Board. Speakers include: Paul Simon, Senior Applications Engineer at Checkpoints Systems, Inc., David Molnar, UCB Graduate Student in Computer Sciences Department, Gordon Wozniak, Ph.D. Research Scientist-retired.(also was a Berkeley City Councilmember), Mary Minow, Attorney and Consultant, Karen Coyle, Digital Library Consultant, Lee Tien, Senior Staff Attorney for Electronic Frontier Foundatio AND Public Comment. (8/1/2005)
  • Town hall Meeting on RFID Radio Frequency Identification, Host: Gene Bernardi - Panel speakers include: Peter Warfield, Library Users Association SF, Nicole Ozer, ACLU, L Lloyd Morgan, Retired Electronic Engineer, Doug Loranger, San Francisco, Barbara McNabb, ACLU, Lisa Hesselgesser, Berkeley Public Library - Music: Maxine Venture, Hali Hammer & Randy Berge -Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, (9/7/2005)
  • Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission: RFID, 3M & the Berkeley Nuclear Free Act (1/2009) Arhcived
  • Library Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Berkeley's Nuclear Free Ordinance. Dr. Helen Caldicott, the noted author and world acclaimed anti-nuclear activist in Berkeley - a benefit to support SuperBOLD (Berkeleyans Organizing for Library Defense) in its legal challenge of the City Council’s waiver of the Nuclear Free Berkeley Act (NFBA) for the Berkeley Public Library. Speakers include Dr. Helen Caldicott, Andrea Turner of East Bay Peace Action, Maxine Ventura, Phyllis Owen of Western states legal foundation, Peter Warfield of the Library Users Association, Gene Bernardi of SuperBOLD, attorney Michael Lozeau. Redwood Gardens, Berkeley CA. (6/27/2009)
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