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The Police Review Commission
The Berkeley police Review Commission (PRC) was established by voter initiative in 1973. Ordinance No. 4644-N.S. created the PRC as a nine-member body having independent authority to investigate and hear complaints filed against employees of the Berkeley Police Department (BPD) and to provide citizens involvement in setting and reviewing BDP policies, practices, and procedures.

The PRC is one of the oldest civilian oversight bodies in the nation. Today civilian oversight is an established part of municipal entities throughout the United States and internationally. Berkeley’s PRC serves as a model for emerging oversight bodies.

The PRC strives to ensure that Berkeley Police Department policies reflect community values. PRC has been involved in:

Holding community meetings on proposed police canine unit and community policing;
Working with the Commission on Disabilities and BPD representatives to develop a general order to bring BPD into compliance with ADA and with members of the transgender community to establish a transgender policy and training for BPD;
Conducting a study of BPD use of pepper spray and its effectiveness that has received international attention.

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