Resource Conservation and Recovery Act RCRA -Public Workshop & Hearing
LBNL "Sitewide Cleanup"


Lawrence Berkley Laboratory Corrective Action - Site Cleanup Public Workshop & Public Hearing, North Berkeley Senior Center May 26, 2005. Produced by Berkeley Citizen

Speakers include: Waqar Ahmad, Project Manager DTSC - Calvin Willhite, Toxicologist DTSC - Mohinder Sandhu, Branch Chief DTSC - Michael B. Rochelle, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board - Nabil Al Hadithy, City of Berkeley - Berkeley Residents, Pamela Sihvola and L A Wood

Note: On April 19th, 2000, the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board adopted Order No. 00-025 thereby amending SB 92-49 and the San Francisco Basin Groundwater Plan. This containment zone policy was directed at the East Bay watershed, especially in Berkeley. This action reduced vital protections and cleanup requirements for our municipal groundwater resources.

The regulatory dismemberment of Berkeley’s environmental protections has allowed DOE and the Lawrence Berkeley Lab to avoid any significant site cleanup. Under these circumstances, the state regulators’ public comments, as seen in the 2005 DTSC workshop video, were willfully dishonest. - Berkeley Citizen

LBNL RCRA public hearing LBNL RCRA public hearing
LBNL RCRA public hearing LBNL RCRA public hearing


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