Berkeley World Music 2006

This unique Berkeley event is held outdoors and inside the many cafés throughout the Telegraph Avenue area. Each year the Berkeley World Music Weekend celebrates two days of continuous music and dance performances and brings together an impressive array of world music traditions and many internationally acclaimed artists.
Berkeley World Music 2004 West African Highlife Band, Berkeley World Music Michael Masley, Berkeley World Music
Berkeley World Music 2005
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  West African Highlife - Highlife Classics Michael Masley - Cymbalom
tango music performers, Berkeley World Music Markus James & The Wassonrai Trio Granada, Berkeley World Music

Parlor Tango - Argentinian Tango

Markus James & the Wassonrai Trio Granada
Rafael Manriquez & IngirdRubis telegraph sign, Berkeley World Music Spirir of 29, Berkeley World Music
Rafael Manriquez / Ingrid Rubis 3rd Annual Berkeley World Music Spirit of ‘29 - Dixieland & Klezmer
Dijialy Kunda Kouyate, Berkeley World Music Vukani Mawethu, Berkeley World Music
Dijialy Kunda Kouyate - Senegalese The State of Gujarat - Indian Folk Songs Vukani Mawethu - South African
Flexer & Hegedus, Berkeley World Music Unity Nguyen, Berkeley World Music Laurie Chastain, Berkeley World Music
Kaila Flexer - Gari Hegedus - Balkan Unity Nguyen - Vietnamese Laurie Chastain
Pete Olson Trio, Berkeley World Music Orquestra D Soul, Berkeley World Music Glenn Morgan
Pete Olson Trio - Country Joe McDonald Orquesta D’ Soul - Salsa & Funk Glenn Morgan - Celtic
John Waller & Len Paterson, Berkeley World Music Vibe Arc w/ Toho Saunders, Berkeley World Music Moh Alileche, Berkeley World Music
John Waller & Len Peterson Vibe Arc w/ Toho Saunders - Reggae Moh Alileche - Amazigh (Berber)
Jeff Whittier, Berkeley World Music Country Joe, Berkeley World Music Mario's on Telegraph Avenue
Jeff Whittier - Classic Indian Flute Country Joe McDonald Mario's La Fiesta

Berkeley World Music Festival 2006 Performers included:

Moh Alileche - Amazigh (Berber) Song - Café Milano
Djialy Kunda Kouyaté - Senegalese Fusion - People’s Park
Kaila Flexer / Gari Hegedus - New Balkan - Musical Offering Café
Markus James & the Wassonrai - w/ Stephen Kent - Mali Blues - People’s Park
Rafael Manriquez / Ingrid Rubis - Latin American - Cody's Books
Michael Masley - Bowhammer (Cymbalom) - Ann's Kitchen
Glenn Morgan - Celtic - Cody's Books
Unity Nguyen - Vietnamese - Mediterraneum: Med Café
The Pete Olson Trio w/ Country Joe McDonald - Traditional Country - Durant Food Court
Parlor Tango - Argentinian Tango - La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
Orquesta D’ Soul - Salsa & Funk - The Beau Sky Hotel
Remencier - Radtrad Celtic - Laurie Chastain Mediterraneum: Med Café
Spirit of ‘29 - Dixieland & Klezmer - Telegraph & Channing

The State of Gujarat - Indian Folk Songs & Beyond - NAAN ‘N Curry
Trio Granada - Arabic & Andalusian - Rasputin Music
Vibe Arc w/ Toho Saunders - Reggae - Caribbean Cove, The Village
Vukani Mawethu - South African Harmonies - Cody's Books
John Waller / Len Paterson - Psychedelic Funk Duo - Annapurna
West African Highlife - Highlife Classics - People’s Park
Jeff Whittier - Classic Indian Flute - Julie's Healthy Café
Aisling Ghéar / Bitter Vision - Traditional Irish – Jazz - Henry's Pub @ Hotel Durant
The Mauro Correa Quartette - Brazilian Choro - Henry's Pub @ Hotel Durant
Stephen Kent/ - Geoffrey Gordon/ - Peter Valsamis - Didgeridu Trance Grooves - The Village
DJ Nader + (hips in the mix) - Arabeats - Amoeba Music
Quijeremá - New Latino Americana - Café Milano
Sean Smith - Acoustic Steel Guitar - Ann's Kitchen
The Smyrna Time Machine - Rebetika (Greek Blues) - The Village

Telegraph Area Business/Hosts: Musical Offering, Café Ann's Kitchen, Cody's Books Durant, Food Court, LA Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, The Beau Sky Hotel, Mediterraneum: Med Café Telegraph & Channing, NAAN ‘N Curry, Rasputin Music, Caribbean Cove, The Village, Annapurna, People’s Park, Julie's Healthy Café, Henry's Pub @ Hotel Durant, Amoeba Music, Café Milano, Ann's Kitchen, The Village.

Sponsors: Amoeba Music, Berkeley Civic Arts Commission, City of Berkeley, Berkeley Daily Planet, M.M. Cunningham, East Bay Express, KPFA, La Peña Cultural Center, Panoramic Interests, PG&E, Rue-ell Enterprises, Telegraph Business Improvement District, UC People's Park Office

Performances were broadcast on Berkeley Cable Access Television.

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