Walter H. Ratcliff Landmark
1326 Allston Way, Berkeley

Owner: City of Berkeley
City Report Dec 17, 2002
Public Works HISTORY
City Council APPEAL

corporation yard

1326 Allston Way. City of Berkeley Landmark 2002,
Architect: Walter H. Ratcliff

1. Street Address: 1326 Allston Way
County: Alameda
City: Berkeley ZIP: 94702

2. Assessor's Parcel Number: 0561994-027-00
Dimensions: Lots numbered Two (2), Three (3), Six (6), and Seven (7), in the Block numbered Three (3), as said lots and blocks are delineated and so designated upon that certain map entitled, "Plan for the State University Homestead Association, adopted March 6, 1873 P. C. Rector, surveyor" filed May 5, 1873, in Liber 2 of Maps, page 57, in the office of the County Recorder of the County of Alameda. Original size 312 ft.x 470 ft. Current size unknown. Cross Street: Allston Way and Acton/Bancroft Way and West Streets

3. Is property on any survey?
Yes, City of Berkeley Unreinforced Masonry Buildings (URM) Survey/Program
State Historic Resources Inventory? NO
Neighborhood: Urban Conservation Survey? NO
BAHA Tours, Neighborhood or Area Plan? NO
National Register? NO

4. Application for Landmark Includes:
Building(s): Ratcliff (1916) and Quonset Hut (1947)
Garden(s): Cedar Trees at Parking lot edge
Other Feature(s):
Landscape or Open Space:
Designed: X
Historic Site: YES

5. Historic Name: Corporation Yard
Original owner's or business name: City of Berkeley
Current Common name: Corporation Yard

6. Date of Construction: Yard July 1, 1913, Ratcliff structure August 31, 1916
a. Factual: X
b. Approximate:
Source of Information: January 4, 1913, Berkeley City Council Resolution 2191 N.S. August 18, 1916 Berkeley City Council Resolution 5890-N.S

7. This Landmark Application includes the following features:
Architect: Walter H. Ratcliff, Jr. Date: May 19, 1916
A. City of Berkeley Corporation Yard, entire site property (1913)
B. Ratcliff structure Architect, Walter H. Ratcliff, Jr
C. Vehicle Maintenance Building circa 1930
D. Quonset Building (1947)
E. Cedar Trees (1930)

8. Style:
A. Mixed
B. English classical
C. Industrial
D. Military/WWII
E. Park

9. Original Owner: City of Berkeley
Original Use: City's maintenance yard

10. Present Owner: City of Berkeley
Address: 2180 Milvia Street, Berkeley
Present Occupant: City of Berkeley, Public Works Department

11. Present Use: City of Berkeley Corporation Yard, Vehicle Maintenance Facility
Current Zoning:
R-2 -- R-2A although City operations reflect a MU-LI (Mixed use-light industrial zoning)
Adjacent Property Zoning: R-2 -- R-2A

12. Present Condition of Property
Exterior: Excellent ___Good _ X _ Fair __ Poor ___
Interior: Excellent ___ Good__ Fair _X__ Poor ___
Grounds: Excellent ___Good _ X__Fair ___ Poor ___

13. Description: See attached

14. History: See attached

15. Significance: See attached
Historic Value: National: X State: X County: X City: X Neighborhood: X
Architectural Value: National: X State: X County: X City: X Neighborhood: X

16. Is the property endangered? Yes: X No:
Explain, if yes: See attached

17. Recorders: L A Wood, Berkeley CA
Research assistance: Toni Horodysky

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