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Corporation Yard Timeline

  • Special City Council Meeting. Called for the purpose of considering the matter of leasing and also securing the options for the purchase of the same. January 4, 1913

  • Resolution No. 2191-N.S. January 4, 1913
    Terms up to five years from the first day of April $100 per month commencing with the first day of Mach 1913, $2,200 first day of January 1914, $2200... and through January 1918.

  • Resolution No. 2240-N.S. Second resolution to lease purchase of the Corporation Yard

  • Resolution 272-N.S. September 19, 1913 Creates office of City Architect
  • Resolution 342-N.S. May 19, 1914
    "appropriating and providing for expenditure of $3500 for equipment, construction and installation of a spur track facilities for the Corporation Yard of the City of Berkeley, and a concrete storage reservoir and oil pit, including furnace Boiler, and boiler house and necessary piping therewith"

  • Resolution 3388-N.S. June 9, 1914 Oil storage and heating plant bid Ordinance Item(s) #7, #8, #9
    Bids for construction
    American Machine works $3246.35
    J A Pinkerton $3415
    Blake Brothers $4090

  • Resolution 3485-N.S. June 19, 1914
    Awarding contract to construct spur to Atchison, Topeka, Santa Fe Railroad Co for $993.88
    Property deeded to City December 22. 1914

  • Resolution No. 5091-N.S. November 26, 1915
    "Directing the Department of Public Works to provide a manure dumping place at the new Corporation Yard"

  • Council Minutes April 14, 1916 Item # 33
    "Bill entitled appropriating and providing for expenditure of 5000 for construction of a building for the Corporation Yard at Allston Way and West Streets"

  • Resolution 5477-N.S. April 21, 1916
    Authorizing and directing the City Architect to prepare Plans and Specifications for construction
    Council Communication #3 City Eng. Jessup Matter of preparing plans and specifications for the construction of building at the Corporation Yard

  • Resolution 557 1-N.S. May 19, 1916
    Corporation Yard # 15 "Adopting the preliminary plans prepared by the City Architect for improvements on a portion of the Corporation Yard at Allston Way and West Street"

  • Council Minutes July 18, 1916
    List of contractors and bids
    Walter Sorensen
    Lester H Stork
    L S Lewis
    Jones and McGovern
    California construction Co
    J Wendering *

  • Resolution 5890-N.S August 18, 1916
    "Awarding bid to J. Wendeing for improvements at the Corporation Yard for the sum of $9975; the construction of the improvements as per the plan; with 6 bays for the sum of $8475; the construction of additional bays as per his bid, for the sum of $1300; and the placing of a partition wall between the store room and shed, and lowering of the brick wall to conform more nearly to present grade, at a cost of $200."

  • Building Permit No.5785 August 31, 1916

  • Council Communication #3 October 6, 1916 From City Architect Ratcliff for various additions and changes at the Corporation Yard

  • Council Communication #7 From City Architect Ratcliff to replace the two slot sinks at the shop to one slot sink.. . no additional costs

  • Council Communication #4 From City Architect Ratcliff for "acceptance of the bid of the Art Fixture Co. in the sum of 90 dollars for furnishing electric fixtures for the Corporation Yard

  • Resolution 6283-N.S December 29, 1916
    (Upon the recommendation of the City Architect) "accepting the work done under the contract of J Wendering for construction of improvements at the Corporation Yard., as fully completed according to the plans and specifications therefore.

  • Resolution 6292-N.S January 2, 1917
    Bid for two steel road oil storage tanks to be installed at the Corporation Yard

  • Ordinance 496-N.S. January 12, 1917
    Creating the Bureau of Streets

  • Resolution (?) 1916 Appointing W. B. Knapp Sup. Of Building City of Berkeley (Knapp appears to have had some financial interest the decision to loacte the new corporation yard and would have benefited from the area's development including roads, sewers etc. More research needed...)

  • Resolution 6072-N.S Late 1916
    Authorizing WB Knapp delegate to third annual State Housing Institute in San Diego and expenses of $50
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