Pacific Steel Castings
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PSC  Caught Falsifying Emissions Robert Delsol, owner of Pacific Steel Casting speaks    
PSC Caught Falsifying Emissions Owner Robert Delsol    

Index to Pacific Steel Castings Issues

BAAQMD Mobile Air Monitor in Berkeley West Berkeley Air Quality Berkeley City Council odor hearing

Pacific Steel Castings
INDEX of Issues

TOUR of BAAQMD Air Monitor in Berkeley

West Berkeley Story
Permit to Pollute
Pacific Steel Casting
Odor Hearing February 2008
BAAQMD Board and Pacific Steel Berkeley Berkeley march for clean Air Pacific Steel Casting Berkeley virtual tour check to Pacific Steel to further its pollution impacts on Berkeley

Pacific Steel Toxic Emissions
On the BAAQMD Agenda 2006

March for Clean Air The Berkeley Story 2009

Pacific Steel Castings
Virtual Tour of Foundry

Pacific Steel Casting

fence line air monitoring west Berkeley industry Pacific Steel Casting community Health Risk Assessment West Berkeley Community Monitoring emission stacks of Pacific Steel
Fence Line Air Monitoring downwind of Berkeley Industry

Toxic Legacy in West Berkeley - Bay Area Air Quality District

West Berkeley Community Ambient Air Monitoring Project

West Berkeley Air Quality 1999
Pacific Steel Casting Plant 1 Pacific Steel Castings Lawsuit Pacific Steel Castings in Berkeley Zoning appeal PSC to Community- We never get sick!
Pacific Steel odor complaint
Channel 7 Feb. 2008

Pacific Steel Castings Class Action Lawsuit 2011

Pacific Steel Zoning Appeal Berkeley City Council 2006

Pacific Steel Casting health
"We never get sick!"

Pacific Steel grinding and cutting operations Pacific Steel Berkeley - foundry tour Hair Mineral Analysis  Discussion with Rick Potts, D.C Pacific Steel Mold production
Cutting, Grinding & Storage

Pacific Steel Castings
Foundry tour with Katie Delsol

Hair Mineral Analysis
Discussion with Rick Potts, D.C

Plant No. 2 - Mold Production

PSC Plant 1 operations   PSC Plant 3 operations  
Plant 1 - Furnace Operations   Plant 3 - Casting and Furnace Operations  

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