Berkeley Potpourri

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  • How Berkeley Can You Be? parade in Berkeley on Sunday, September 19, 2004. The Saturday parade and festival "How car- free can you be?" theme was wacky, artistic and a chance to envision, without restriction, a better world of transportation...
  • Debate over ‘leave me alone deer cologne’ continues A Tilden Park employee known affectionately as "Ranger Dan" claims to know of a sure fire way to ward off the rose-starved deer that have long plagued Berkeley's gardens. Using a potent, organic concoction he calls the "Leave Me Alone Deer Cologne,"...
  • Berkeley Electric Shuttle Transit (BEST) Two years ago (1994), the Berkeley Electric Shuttle Transit (BEST) began operations in West Berkeley, targeting employees of local businesses. Amazingly, the city of Berkeley, one of West Berkeley' largest emp1oyers, never thought to include its own 300 employees working at the Corporation Yard and at the Second Street Transfer Station.... The city, like many other businesses simply refused to get on board.
  • Oski Forcible Removal From StadiumOski was a lively mascot on this campus 11 years ago when he first appeared at the Cal - St. Mary’s game in 1935. Instead of being welcomed as he is now, the poor bear was forcibly removed from the stadium....
  • Berkeley Celebrates 125th Birthday on April 1, 2003 Community groups, local businesses, University officials, and City staff are joining in a series of events to honor Berkeley's 125th birthday. April 1st is the official anniversary of the City's incorporation .
  • General Waste-more-land, America's and BERKELEY"S other five-star general. Guerilla Theatre and the Vietnam War.
  • Berkeley Earth Day 2000 Ralph Nader, Medea Benjamin and Julia Butterfly Hill address the Earth Day celebration.
  • Berkeley Earth Day 2001 Eco-Motion parade, music, comedy, a climbing wall, kid’s making area, vegetarian food and beer, crafts, and much more.

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CA State Historic Resources Inventory; damaged by fires in 1986 & 1990 and demolished.
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